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Despite computerization, the approach to use of paper is not extinct. Almost all the businesses make of paper in daily activities. Therefore, paper based activities are still a dominant part of any business.

Nevertheless, with the help of software, you can now organize and store documents electronically. An electronic document management system is a software solution that offers a systematic solution to digitize documents and store them electronically. With the help of the technology, capturing, storing, managing and delivering documents has become a seamless activity.

Work flow of Management- EDMS:

The work flow is very simple and easy with the EDMS. The files that are stored are sent for digitization by the customer. Once the files are received, necessary job cards are prepared for taking the project ahead. Once the job card is ready, documentation process is initialized. The so prepared documents are checked and verified thorough a quality check process for image quality and other finer details. Quality confirmation takes the process ahead and indexing is performed to organize data for digital delivery

Why EDMS (Electronic Document Management Solutions)

  • Improved accessibility:
  • Digitization helps in easy access to documents, which is not possible with paper based storage. Users can use simple search bar to locate important documents.

  • Recovery:
  • Losing data is a common thing. Natural disasters and other factors that are beyond human control are some threats that can destroy physical copies. However, with digitization, saving and recovering data is easy and safe.

  • Improved efficiency:
  • Dynamic data search and faster turnaround time allows the companies to have efficient workforce. With manual data storage, it becomes difficult to search for data; however, with EDMS, the search is dynamic and real time, improving efficiency.

  • Information sharing:
  • One another great benefit of having data stored in digital formats is the ease of information sharing. Send and receive information dynamically and save time with Electronic document management solutions.

  • Data storage and sorting:
  • Greatest benefit of EDMS is its power to store data dynamically. The difficulty that would otherwise arise from manual storage is eradicated. Store data that can be accessed easily and save time with the electronic data storage.

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Some advantages of Electronic Document Management Systems

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