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7 things you should know before hiring a web design company in India

There is no doubt that Indian web designing companies are competing with the best web designing companies from the west. The quality of website development and designing offered by Indian companies is as great as their western counterparts. Indian web design companies offer creative and professional services at very affordable rates. Most of the companies are located in metro cities like Pune Mumbai Delhi Bengaluru and Kolkata. Many website development companies in Pune are leading the market.

If you are setting up a website for the first time then you naturally have a lot of doubts and questions. If you are looking to outsource your web design and development to a company in India you must have been overwhelmed by the search results. There are literary thousands of website design companies in India. I hope this six point guide will be helpful

1. Portfolio

A well-established website Design Company will have a neat portfolio proudly displayed on its website. Go through the portfolio very carefully make notes if necessary. Sometimes companies have to protect their client’s identity so they do not display their work. But there are some clients who are happy to share their experiences. Take a look at the company’s website itself. Check if it is attractive and aesthetically designed. If you are a westerner then look for a web design company which has worked with western clients.

2. Experience

While going through the portfolio remember to note down the diversity of clients the web designer has worked for rather than the number of clients. Diverse experience shows more creative approach of the company. Visit the websites of their clients and see how the sites are designed, what’s their upload and navigation speed etc. the experience of the web designers matters a great deal so see the information on team members etc.

3. Feedbacks and Testimonials

Most of the companies post positive feedbacks and testimonials on their site. However these may be managed by a content management service provider so visit third party forums and web communities and ask their feedback. Visiting review sites can prove useful. If possible, get in touch with old clients. Try to find out repeat customers. More the number of repeat customers more reliable is the company.

4. Timeline

Internet is all about speed. So a website designer must be able to deliver results in timely manner and in as less time as possible. An expert should deliver the best results within the given time frame.

5. SEO

You would be surprised to know that you website cannot have a life expectancy of more than two years on the web. That’s why having a great looking website isn’t enough. You need effective search engine optimization in order to keep your traffic constant. See what SEO services the website designer offers?

6. Location

While choosing a website Design Company in India location plays important role. Most of the companies are located in metro cities like Pune Mumbai Delhi Bengaluru and Kolkata. Pune is one of the biggest IT hubs in India and it has good IT related infrastructure and facilities. There are many website development companies in pune which have worked for reputed overseas clients for years.

7. Price

The last but the most important point is how much money you are willing to spend? Depending on size of your project you may have to spend loads of money. Mostly Indian web designing firms will provide you more affordable rates. Some companies may charge you extra for content management services (CMS) and SEO.

The bottom-line is you need a web designing company that is reliable professional and proves cost effective.

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Website Design Company with Web Designer and WordPress Developer in India

Some Smart Ways to Choose a Web Design Company in India

Are you looking for the best web designer in India to create a website or redesign your website? But you are not sure how to select a correct designer, then we can help you with this. We have outlined some new and smarter ways to pick up a perfect web designer.

A web designer must have an aesthetic value, because a beautiful website can easily catch the attention of users. A website is the representation of your business; therefore, you need a perfect website that symbolizes you. A web designer with a creative and innovative mind can do wonders for your business.

Hire a web designing services india that adheres to SEO guidelines, while designing a website. It is not expected from a web designer to have thorough knowledge of SEO, but he should understand how to configure a site for best SEO outputs. Javascript should not be used on the site to create content.

Responsive design is very important now days. Whether your website is built with Joomla or Wordpress, responsive design should be included in the website. Today, everyone has a smart phone, so the majority of people use mobile devices to browse internet. If your new website is not mobile-friendly, then the visitors may navigate away from your website. This is very important to earn success.

We design website for the users, so it should be user-friendly. With aesthetic value, a designer should take care about this aspect also. A website should have clearly visible buttons, well-defined pages and fast loading speed. If the website has all these things, then more and more people will turn up to your website. A user-friendly website makes a positive impact on potential buyers.

H N Web Marketing, a web design company in India has professional web designers, who understand all these things.

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Website Design Company – How It Works?

Are you looking for the best web designer in India to create a website or redesign your website? But you are not sure how to select a correct designer, then we can help you with this. We have outlined some new and smarter ways to pick up a perfect web designer.

Everyone knows that your business needs a website to survive in this digital world. There are many professional web designers who will be more than happy to design your website and there are plenty of free open source web development platforms which you can use to design a website on your own.

You will need some technical background and knowledge of languages like HTML, PHP and probably Java to design it yourself. But hiring a web developer is cost effective and reliable. Developing a website is no cakewalk and involves many steps and needs extensive planning. Depending upon your needs it can take from just a couple of weeks to months to finish your website. Let’s see how a website design company works.


The first thing web developer needs is information about your company, products, your office culture and whatever he thinks is needed to make your website intuitive and beautiful. So don’t keep anything from your web design company. If you are not sure what you want on your website just tell the web designer what your business is about and they will take care of everything. Because they know which business needs a static website and which needs a shopping portal.

Domain name

Domain name is the address of your website. The company will register your domain name on World Wide Web. You can come up with a neat domain name for your website but let the web developer have final say as they know how SEO friendly your domain name is.

Web designing

Now the web designers will start designing your website. If you already have a logo you can place it on your website otherwise the graphics designers will design it for you. While hiring a Website Design Company make sure that its in-house team consists of web designers, web developers, graphic designers, content writers and SEOs so that you can get all services under one roof. Web designers will take care of the looks of your website.

Web development

This step actually works simultaneously with web designing. Web developers will write the codes for whatever web designers have placed on your website. This is done because search engines cannot see your website the way humans can. Naturally everything on your website is transcribed into codes which search engine robots can read. These two steps are repeated until all your queries are answered.


Once your website is ready it will be tested for bugs and checked again and again to make sure that it is ready to handle heavy traffic. After the bugs are fixed, website will be hosted on a real time web server.

Web hosting

Many web design companies, do not have their own web server so they will host your website on the server of a web hosting company. The web hosting company will charge you extra for hosting. Check this in detail with your web developer.

SEO and maintenance

There are millions of websites on internet and search engines need to know that a new player is in town so your web developer will send your domain name to be indexed in Google database. Once your website is up and running it needs to be marketed so the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) team will you different techniques to promote your website. A website designing company will also provide round the clock support and maintenance for your website.

6 Must-Have Qualities of an Excellent Website Design Company

The trend of start-up ventures has led to the establishment of some of the best website design companies in Pune. Even established shops and retailers are seeking the services of good website developers in Pune. When you are looking to take your business online, then it makes sense to choose the best web design company in Pune. After all, a web page is a reflection of your business, your products and your value offering, and it should attract your customers in a short span of time. An ideal website design company in Pune needs to take into consideration all factors that go into making a successful webpage. Here are a few features that a website development company needs to have:

1. Have expertise in the latest tools used for website development

Developing a website requires holistic expertise in the art and science of technology. Website developers in Pune are familiar with the latest in website designing tools, which results in sleek, fast-loading websites that catch the fancy of visitors. With the increase in Smartphone users, it is imperative that websites are also responsive, so as to be accessible to a maximum number of visitors.

2. Adhere to deadlines and budget

A website design company should have a good record of adhering to deadlines and budgets set by the client. Constantly missing deadlines or exceeding the budget is a sign of poor planning. The web design company has to keep the client in the loop at all stages of the development, so as to ensure that there are no communication gaps. Hire an affordable web designing company in Pune that fully understands your budget restrictions.

3. Have creative and innovative web designers

An ideal website designer needs to create eye-catching, yet relevant images so that visitors instantly connect with the brand and the product based on the images. Hence a website development company has to have creative and innovative web designers who are familiar with the latest tools of designing, to ensure that the web design stands out and attracts the right visitors.

4. Have a solid track record of good customer service

A website company needs to be open to constant changes as per the client’s requirements. Website development companies in Pune work in tandem with the client so that there is an ongoing process of feedback and alterations in designs throughout the designing and development stage. All chinks need to be ironed out before the website goes live.

5. Be equipped with the latest SEO knowledge

A good website developer should employ the latest SEO tactics to ensure that a web page does not just look good, but also ranks well with popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. An ideal website developer needs to have a thorough understanding of keyword analytics, on-page and off-page optimization, link building, white label tactics, and many more. The website developer should provide relevant content that gives precise information about the product/services of clients.

6. Have a clear understanding of their clients’ business and target audience

A really good website design company is completely in sync with its clients’ requirements, their purpose for creating a website, and their potential customers. This is important to create a meaningful and attractive website in the shortest possible time. Whether it is the website designers or developers, having a clear idea of the client’s business results in fewer changes to the web page, thus meeting client’s expectations, while being more efficient.

Get a world-class website design by ensuring that your website development company has all the above qualities.

Six reasons why hiring a Website development company pune is beneficial…!

Pune has been fueling the IT sector in India for more than a decade now. The city has provided some of the best brains in the IT and software industry. How can the city lag behind in web designing and development? Hundreds of professional web designing companies in pune are successfully competing with leading web designing firms from all over the globe.

With the availability of most talented programmers and the best infrastructure in the country, web designers in pune are going for the sky. In last five years many western multinational corporations have outsourced their web development to reliable companies in pune and now the medium and small enterprises are doing it too. Let’s explore the reasons behind this rise in demand for Web design companies in pune.

1. High Quality

This is the main reason why many western companies are making website developers in pune their number one choice. It has been proved that web designers in pune are an equal match to their western counterparts. The taboo of “cheap rates means cheap designs” has been washed away by the leading web development companies in the city.

2. Affordable Rates

Many small and medium enterprises run on a very tight budget, they can benefit from affordable web designing of pune based web firms. Hiring a web designing company from pune is economical and cost saving.

Dirt cheap rates don’t mean you will get cheap designs. Contrary to the popular belief web designers in pune offer best quality work at the lowest rates. The relationship of dollar and rupee is the reason you can enjoy the benefit of lower rates by Indian companies. It means that a pune based web development company charges you in Indian rupees which is a substantial cost however once converted in dollars it becomes small amount.

3. Professional Approach

Being the foremost IT hub in India, pune boasts many international IT firms that nurture an extremely professional work culture. Naturally all the leading web designing companies in the city have nurtured the same culture too.

Being professional web developers, pune based companies will complete your project in given time.

4. Get The Benefit Of Latest Technology

Being professional all the leading web development companies in pune rely on latest technology in web designing and development. The latest sprout of open source software has fueled the high quality web development in India.

The web designers and programmers in the city are trained in the leading software training and development institutes in the world. Many web design companies hire qualified programmers who were once trained in these prominent institutes making pune a global hotspot of talent..

5. Experience

Most of the leading website designing companies in pune are in business for more than a decade now. In last ten years they have served thousands of clients from all over the globe making their mark in the global web development industry. Hiring a web designing firm from pune will enable you to capitalize on their international expertise.

6. Connect With The Third Largest Consumer Market In The World

India is the third largest consumer market in the world, ecommerce is thriving in India. Many pune based web developers are actively involved in developing aesthetically pleasing and responsive ecommerce site.

If you are a western enterprise looking to enter the Indian market then hiring a web designing company in pune is your first step towards success. Since local companies are aware of the latest trends and the true nature of consumers market they can deliver a better web design for your product or services.

The five signs of a legitimate web design company in pune offering affordable web designing services…!

Hiring a website design company in pune offers many advantages, however you will first need to define your requirements in order to get the most out of your website designer. Web development is no cakewalk it takes some time to develop a high quality website. It is also very demanding and creative process but it needs the contribution of both website developer and the client. This post elaborates on how to the three signs of a professional and affordable web designing company in pune.

1. It Never Offers Dirt Cheap Rates

This is a crucial point that website owners need to remember. We have come across many clients who had left their previous web design company siting their inefficiency and incompatibility. They complain about how their previous web designers in pune had treated their project in utterly unprofessional manner rendering them huge budget losses. However, later most of them confess that they went to work with companies that didn’t even have a virtual office and offered them dirt cheap rates. If you hire a web designing web design company working at dirt cheap rate you will get dirt cheap designs that will not attract any traffic at all.

First and foremost thing every single website owner needs to fixate into their minds is that like any other industry website design and development industry too is full of cheaters who will sweet talk you into an unbelievable deal only to rob you blind of your budget. Most of the website owners forget is that dirt cheap rates and affordable rates are not the same things. Therefore you should always hire a website development company in pune that offers affordable rates and no dirt cheap rates.

2. It Listens To Website Owners

There are many legitimate web designing companies in pune that have won accolades from different clients all over the globe. If you ask them how did they achieve such tremendous success and praise their answer would be that they carefully listened to the website owners. In the website development business listening to your client’s idea is the first step towards success. Without listening to website owner a website developer will not be able to build a site with a purpose, such websites sit in the pile of web junk gathering dust and eventually go extinct.

3. It Maintains Strict Transparency

Any professional website development company in pune worth its nickel will strictly maintain transparent policies throughout the development process. It will submit a project timeline and will adhere to it. It is not the type of website developers that spring hidden charges on you at eleventh hour. It will not waste its time working on brilliant but inconceivable ideas instead it will work around it or present you with other brilliant idea.

4. It Proudly Shows Off Its Work

Since a professional website design company in pune will have nothing to hide, it will proudly show off their previous work. It will gladly share references of past clients to support its claim of being the best and the brightest leaving no room for doubt.

Any legitimate company in pune offering affordable web designing services should have the above five signs. Simply turn away from those who don’t, chances are they are nothing but frauds.