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Website Design Company – How It Works?

Are you looking for the best web designer in India to create a website or redesign your website? But you are not sure how to select a correct designer, then we can help you with this. We have outlined some new and smarter ways to pick up a perfect web designer.

Everyone knows that your business needs a website to survive in this digital world. There are many professional web designers who will be more than happy to design your website and there are plenty of free open source web development platforms which you can use to design a website on your own.

You will need some technical background and knowledge of languages like HTML, PHP and probably Java to design it yourself. But hiring a web developer is cost effective and reliable. Developing a website is no cakewalk and involves many steps and needs extensive planning. Depending upon your needs it can take from just a couple of weeks to months to finish your website. Let’s see how a website design company works.


The first thing web developer needs is information about your company, products, your office culture and whatever he thinks is needed to make your website intuitive and beautiful. So don’t keep anything from your web design company. If you are not sure what you want on your website just tell the web designer what your business is about and they will take care of everything. Because they know which business needs a static website and which needs a shopping portal.

Domain name

Domain name is the address of your website. The company will register your domain name on World Wide Web. You can come up with a neat domain name for your website but let the web developer have final say as they know how SEO friendly your domain name is.

Web designing

Now the web designers will start designing your website. If you already have a logo you can place it on your website otherwise the graphics designers will design it for you. While hiring a Website Design Company make sure that its in-house team consists of web designers, web developers, graphic designers, content writers and SEOs so that you can get all services under one roof. Web designers will take care of the looks of your website.

Web development

This step actually works simultaneously with web designing. Web developers will write the codes for whatever web designers have placed on your website. This is done because search engines cannot see your website the way humans can. Naturally everything on your website is transcribed into codes which search engine robots can read. These two steps are repeated until all your queries are answered.


Once your website is ready it will be tested for bugs and checked again and again to make sure that it is ready to handle heavy traffic. After the bugs are fixed, website will be hosted on a real time web server.

Web hosting

Many web design companies, do not have their own web server so they will host your website on the server of a web hosting company. The web hosting company will charge you extra for hosting. Check this in detail with your web developer.

SEO and maintenance

There are millions of websites on internet and search engines need to know that a new player is in town so your web developer will send your domain name to be indexed in Google database. Once your website is up and running it needs to be marketed so the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) team will you different techniques to promote your website. A website designing company will also provide round the clock support and maintenance for your website.